Community relations


Maintain or improve the quality of relations with the various community stakeholders through open and transparent communications.

Definition of ‘community’ in the present context:

Local stakeholders affected by the participant’s activities.


  • In the Constitution of Canada, issues relating to Indigenous Peoples take on a particular dimension that affects the notion of the nations that constitute them. Consequently, Indigenous Peoples are not considered as stakeholders and specific rules may apply regarding their consultation. Under the Green Marine’s voluntary program, and more specifically for this indicator, the Indigenous Peoples concerned are considered by the participant within the broader group in the same way as the stakeholders identified by the latter. For practical purposes, therefore, Indigenous Peoples are included in the list of examples of indicator stakeholders (criterion 2.3). However, depending on the context of each participant and where this may apply in the implementation of the criteria, participants are encouraged to consider Indigenous Peoples as distinct from other stakeholders.
  • For this indicator, General Annex 6-A should be consulted to ensure the proper implementation of the criteria. This appendix contains additional information (rationales, examples of justification documents for external verification, precision of the requirements, implementation options and certain definitions) to help participants properly interpret the criteria and guide them with the implementation of these criteria.

(Optional for 2021)

Community relations (Terminals)
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