Benchmarking Environmental Performance

Green Marine environmental certification program offers a detailed framework for maritime companies to first establish and then reduce their environmental footprint.

Our participants – ship owners, port authorities, Seaway corporations, terminal operators and shipyard managers – have to demonstrate year-over-year improvement in measurable ways to maintain their Green Marine certification.

Green Marine’s success as the premier environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry stems in good part from its efforts to identify and address regional as well as continental issues. As a result, some of the performance indicators have been developed to protect specific habitat and/or species in a region or to deal with particular maritime operations within that area.

Using 13 performance indicators, our comprehensive program addresses key environmental issues in regards to air, land and water pollution.

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Scope and Criteria

2020 Program summaries

Green Marine requires participants to adopt practices and technologies that will have a direct impact on the ground. The progress that participants make in this respect is evaluated with the help of performance indicators, which are revised yearly, in the spirit of continuous improvement at the heart of the environmental program. The 2020 program summaries are now available. These criteria will be use to assess Green Marine participants’ 2020 environmental performance during the 13th period of self-evaluation, from January 1st, 2021 to mid-March, 2021.


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By becoming a member of Green Marine, you can help strengthen the North American marine industry's environmental performance through a process of continuous improvement, build stronger relations with stakeholders, and improve the awareness of the marine industry's activities and its environmental benefits.

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Our participants are committed to continuously reducing their environmental footprint.

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