November 11, 2021

Green Marine participant QSL joins UN Global Compact

QSL is the first maritime company in Canada to join the United Nations Global Compact. Specializing in port terminal operations, stevedoring, marine services, logistics and transportation throughout North America, QSL is committed to integrating into its corporate culture the pact’s 10 universal principles related to respecting human rights and international labour standards, environmental protection, as well as working against corruption.

While all of its terminals are Green Marine certified, QSL is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance through concrete sustainable actions. These include the implementation of comprehensive water treatment systems, the installation of an extensive network of electric conveyors, as well as the adoption of a circular economy philosophy and approach.

The UN Global Compact is a voluntary movement of responsible businesses committed to the 10 universal principles for achieving global sustainable development goals. By joining the compact, its members must assume certain responsibilities, such as publishing an annual report on corporate progress towards the integration of these principles.

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Green Marine participant QSL joins UN Global Compact
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