July 15, 2021

CSL Group presents its 8th Annual Sustainability Report

2020 proved to be a profoundly challenging and extraordinary year due to the pandemic according to Louis Martel, CSL President and CEO. “It took extra effort this year to maintain our deep commitment to operate sustainably, improve the communities in which we work, and contribute to a greener global economy.” The Green Marine environmental certification program and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals helped shape and direct CSL’s sustainability efforts towards their targets.

Notable environmental highlights of CSL’s 2020 Annual Sustainability Report:

Performance results are disclosed in a new  ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scorecard against the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s Marine Transportation Industry Standard. The Report also highlights CSL’s performance and participation in Green Marine, particularly within the working group that led the development of the new performance indicator on ship recycling.

View the full report (click on the image):

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CSL Group presents its 8th Annual Sustainability Report
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