February 7, 2019

2019 protection plan for North Atlantic right whales

On February 7, the Government of Canada announced how it will protect the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale during the 2019 season. The North Atlantic right whale faces two key threats: vessel strikes and fishing gear entanglements.

These advanced measures build on a successful 2018 season when there were no North Atlantic right whale found dead in Canadian waters. In addition, five calves have recently been spotted in U.S. waters. Encouraging signs for this endangered species.

To reduce the probability of vessel strikes the government is:

These advanced measures were developed after consultations with the industry and the scientific community. They complement the existing recovery efforts of the Species at Risk Act which include the North Atlantic Right Whale Recovery Strategy and Action Plan, as well as requirements pursuant to the Marine Mammal Regulations.

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2019 protection plan for North Atlantic right whales