November 15, 2017

Fednav Receives Environmental Protection Award

Fednav Limited, one of Green Marine’s founding members, received the celebrated IBJ Bulk Ship Operator Environmental Protection Award at a gala dinner organized by the International Bulk Journal, yesterday in Amsterdam.

This award spotlights Fednav’s excellence in environmental stewardship in the maritime trade, along with its leadership in the implementation of the highest industry operating standards that also include safety and efficiency.

Environmental protection is one of the cornerstones of Fednav’s philosophy and a core company value. For several years, Fednav has committed to lowering its greenhouse gas emissions by 1% per year (in grams per tonne/mile). Over the last decade, the company has nearly doubled its target. Fednav’s new vessels emit 40% less GHG than the ship the company built 30 years ago.

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Fednav Receives Environmental Protection Award
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