Green Marine Verifiers

Our certification process is rigorous and transparent. In order to obtain the Green Marine Europe Label, each company must agree to these external verification conditions:

  • The company must submit its results to third party verification every two years by using a Green Marine Europe accredited verifier (see the list below)
  • The first verification is required within the first two years of joining the program.
  • The Label and the use of the «Green Marine Europe certified» logo are awarded only after successful verification of results.
  • Certificates are valid for two years from date of verification.
  • The verification process includes on-site visits and verification of the company’s documented proof and justification in support of its self-evaluation.

Green Marine accredited verifiers will be selected with the help of a third party based on the following criteria to ensure objectivity:

  • Sector experience – Experience with vessel operations, and/or with marine facilities
  • Experience and accreditation in verification – e.g. ISO 14001, ISM Code, etc.
  • Environmental experience – Work experience, academic experience, training, etc.

All verifiers will receive training to be able to understand Green Marine Europe’s evaluation, verification and labelling process and proceed to the verification of participant companies according to Green Marine Europe’s standards.

Verifiers’ terms of reference (to be posted soon)

Webpage still under en construction

Verifiers – Europe

List of accredited verifiers (to be posted in May)

The Green Wave

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November 2019
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