Benchmarking Environmental Excellence

Green Marine Europe environmental certification program offers a detailed framework for maritime companies to first establish and then reduce their environmental footprint.

Our candidates ship owners have to demonstrate year-over-year improvement in measurable ways to obtain their Green Marine Europe Label.

Initially our program targets 8 performance indicators, addressing key environmental issues in regards to air, land and water pollution.

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2021 Self-evaluation guide

The 2021 self-evaluation guide will be available to candidates soon. 

To receive their certification, candidates must benchmark their annual environmental performance.

Green Marine Europe has developed a self-evaluation guide to help candidates assess their environmental performance with respect to the program’s criteria. Candidates must use this guide to help them complete their yearly self-evaluation reports, which must be signed by the company’s President and sent to the Green Marine Europe.

The self-evaluation guide is updated on an annual basis in order to take into account changing regulations and emerging issues.

2021 Program summary

Green Marine Europe requires candidates to adopt practices and technologies that will have a direct impact on the ground. The progress that candidates make in this respect is evaluated with the help of performance indicators, which are revised yearly, in the spirit of continuous improvement at the heart of the environmental program.

The 2021 program summary is now available. These criteria will be use to assess Green Marine Europe candidates’ 2021 environmental performance during the spring of 2022 marking the 2nd period of self-evaluation of our program!




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Our laureates are committed to continuously reducing their environmental footprint.


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