Criteria by type of participant


Performance indicator's objective:

Reduce cargo residue discharges.

Note :

These practices are not part of a performance indicator, and participants are therefore not required to link their performance with any particular level. The performance indicator on cargo residues was retired from the Green Marine program in 2016. Since the indicator was developed in 2007, Green Marine successfully raised awareness and participants improved their performance. Seven companies carrying dry bulk in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region reported to this indicator, and collectively, they reached an average of level 4 in 2015, the highest recorded average for any performance indicator. Over the years, US and Canadian regulations have also increased. However, it was decided to maintain the zero discharge policy (previously a level 5 requirement for that indicator) for all international ship owners within the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence area and make it a prerequisite for any new international ship owner joining the Green Marine program.



2023 criteria

Level 5

5.1 Implement a zero discharge policy for all cargo residues in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence area.

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