October 4, 2011

McAsphalt Industries Paves Green Future for Marine Terminals

Toronto, Ontario, October 4, 2011 – McAsphalt Industries Limited is taking its sustainability commitment a step forward by entering five of its Canadian terminals in the Green Marine environmental program.

McAsphalt operates a network of diversified terminal installations that are strategically positioned to service customers across Canada and North America. The terminals with direct marine shipping access that will be included in Green Marine are located in the ports of Valleyfield, Hamilton, Windsor, Oshawa and Halifax.

McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd., the company’s shipping division that specializes in the transportation of petroleum asphalts and heavy fuels on the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway and East Coast waterways, became a Green Marine participant last November.

”We want to reduce the environmental impact of every part of our business,” said John Carrick, President of McAsphalt Industries Limited. “It’s only natural to enter our terminals into the Green Marine environmental program since those operations are situated in the ports and are a key part of the overall transportation network that we use to deliver products to our customers.”

McAsphalt’s commitment to sustainable business practices is demonstrated by the company’s decision to incorporate several environmental controls at its newest facility in Hamilton, Ontario. For example, the terminal will have carbon filters installed on its tanks as well as complete containment via storm drain shut off plate.

The company’s Sterling Marine Fuels division, located in Windsor, Ontario, is in the final stages of a significant infrastructure upgrade that includes the installation of a “bioswale” storm water management system. This system indirectly creates habitat for wildlife while, at the same time, reinforcing the facilities emergency response capabilities.

”The decision to have our five port facilities participate in the Green Marine program will further enhance our focus on finding new and innovative methods to increase our terminals efficiency through the continual improvement of our health, safety and environmental management system”, said Joel Gardner, McAsphalt Industries Limited’s HSE Manager.

David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director, commented, “We are extremely pleased to have McAsphalt Industries include both their vessel and terminal operations in the environmental program. The Green Marine program is designed to be relevant and to accommodate the needs of many different facets of marine activity including vessel operations, cargo operations at ports and terminals as well as shipbuilding.”

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