May 16, 2011

Trois-Rivières – A Model for City / Port Relations!

On May 19, the Trois-Rivières Port Authority (TRPA) will officially inaugurate Phase 1 of its infrastructure modernization project entitled Cap Sur 2020. This represents a historic turning point for Trois-Rivières, as it reconciles its dual roles as a city with a port and a port within a city.

A key goal of the Cap Sur 2020 plan is to minimize the impact of the port’s activities on the environment by improving the port’s interface with its urban surroundings.

For example, one kilometre of Notre Dame Street has now been integrated into the port’s territory. As a result, the heavy traffic generated by the port’s activities has been diverted away from residential areas and the downtown core, and redirected towards the industrial sector located in the western part of the port’s facilities. Not only has this change facilitated access to the port and improved traffic flow, it has facilitated compliance with security regulations.

In order to enhance the port’s visual impact, the TRPA has installed 625 metres of decorative fencing around the port territory that is closest to downtown. Moreover, by transferring and re-organizing the land that is located between the City and the Port, the public now has access to an uninterrupted, two-kilometre stretch of shoreline along the Saint-Laurent and Saint-Maurice Rivers. In all, 12 percent (or 41,000 square metres) of the port’s territory is used for recreational activities and as public spaces.

Together, the TRPA and the city have redefined what a port can and should be. This has been an unprecedented cooperative effort involving more than 280 meetings between the region’s main economic, community and port stakeholders. It is an effort which has increased the port’s productivity and capacity, strengthened its competitive position, and most importantly of all, resulted in an unprecedented degree of integration between the port and its surrounding community. Phase 1 of Cap Sur 2020 plan has not only changed the port’s physical facilities and installations, it has fundamentally redefined the very concept of what it means to be a port.


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