April 20, 2011

Jean Lemire and the Sedna Foundation support Green Marine

Quebec City, April 20, 2011– The SEDNA Foundation today announced its endorsement of Green Marine, the voluntary environmental program of the Canadian and U.S. maritime industry. SEDNA’s founding President, filmmaker and biologist Jean Lemire (who is well known for his oceanographic expeditions on board the SEDNA IV) supports the decision of the Foundation’s Board of Directors to join the Green Marine initiative.

“I salute the maritime industry’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint by undertaking concrete actions,” said Mr. Lemire. “Encouraging the industry to do more for the environment than just meeting regulatory requirements in a noble cause, and one in which I fully believe.”

The SEDNA Foundation is an environmental and educational organization that uses adventure, creativity and scientific research as tools for increasing public awareness of the fragility of our ecosystems and the dangers of climate change. It was during his Antarctic expedition on board the SEDNA IV oceanographic vessel that Jean Lemire and his team of seafarers, filmmakers and scientists provided viewers with daily evidence of the devastating effects of climate change on the Antarctic peninsula.

Sylvie Vachon, the President and Director General of the Montreal Port Authority and a member of SEDNA’s Board of Directors, is responsible for establishing the link between Jean Lemire and Green Marine.

“I see a great deal of complementarity between the SEDNA Foundation’s educational and scientific activities in the environmental domain and the maritime industry’s desire to strengthen its environmental performance through a process of continuous improvement,” declared Ms. Vachon, who also noted that Jean Lemire recently won the AEON Environmental Foundation’s MIDORI biodiversity prize, which is designed to help implement and support initiatives to ensure environmental conservation in developing regions.

“It is an honour for Green Marine to receive the support of the SEDNA Foundation, especially in view of Jean Lemire’s reputation as a fervent defender of the maritime milieu,” added David Bolduc, Green Marine’s Director General. “This endorsement also indicates that we are on the right track as far as corporate social responsibility (and the expectations of environmental researchers and organizations) is concerned.”

Green Marine already enjoys the support of environmental groups such as WWF Canada, Nature-Québec and Ducks Unlimited, as well as the Mayors of St. Lawrence and Great Lakes Cities. In all, close to 30 governmental, municipal and environmental organizations are supporters of the Green Marine initiative and its sustainable development efforts.

“Our supporters play a key role in the expansion of our program, not only by strengthening its credibility, but also by “spreading the word” and encouraging other companies to come on board,” noted Mr. Bolduc.


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