March 7, 2011

Seaspan Marine Corporation joins Green Marine program

Quebec City, Quebec (March 7, 2011)– Seaspan Marine Corporation, which operates more than 150 tugs, ferries and barges, has become the first major West Coast shipowner to join the Green Marine environmental program.

Based in North Vancouver (British Columbia), Seaspan provides coastal and deep-sea transportation, bunkering, ship repair and shipbuilding services along the West Coast of North America. The company is enrolling its marine fleet and shipyards in Green Marine. The inclusion of Seaspan Shipyards also represents another significant FIRST for Seaspan and Green Marine.

Established in 2008, Green Marine aims to improve the Industry’s environmental performance beyond regulatory compliance by encouraging member participants to apply additional best practices, set reduction targets and/or introduce new technologies to improve their record in areas such as invasive species, air emissions and greenhouse gases, cargo residues, and oily waters among others.

Seaspan Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Whitworth, commented that: “Green Marine’s philosophy to reduce a company’s environmental footprint beyond regulatory compliance mirrors our own company core values. We have implemented a number of initiatives to reduce our fuel consumption and air emissions and we currently have a five-year partnership with World Wildlife Fund in which we work together to identify further opportunities for improvement. The WWF is also involved with Green Marine and we feel this is another way for us to evaluate our current achievements along with setting and meeting new targets each year.”

Shipowners, port authorities, terminal operators and now Shipyards participating in the program evaluate their performance each year against a set of criteria on a one-to-five scale from regulatory compliance to achieving excellence. All results are independently verified by a third party and shared publicly to demonstrate participants’ environmental commitment. Green Marine has endorsements from high profile NGOs including Ducks Unlimited and the World Wildlife Fund and was recently recognized by the Mayors of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative with a special resolution supporting the Green Marine initiative.

Initially founded by Canadian and U.S. companies in the Great Lakes region, Green Marine has been rapidly expanding into various regions of North America, including British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. More than 50 shipowners, port authorities and terminal operators are currently part of the program.

David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director, said: “The Green Marine program is gaining momentum and broad recognition. We are confident that the participation of Seaspan will pave the way for further expansion of the program in British Columbia. Prince Rupert Port Authority was the first to join the program on the West Coast in October 2010. Many other companies have already showed an interest in the program and we expect to see more of them joining in the coming months. The success of Green Marine demonstrates that the marine industry, as a whole, is joining together and taking action to minimize its impact on the environment.”

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