October 15, 2010

The Port of Sept-Iles is Committed to Sustainable Shipping

With the expansion of industrial activities related to l’Aluminerie Alouette and the iron ore industry, the Port of Sept-Isles has (since 2004) supported rail infrastructure projects designed to connect the port with the North Shore rail network, and allow for the establishment of a ferry-rail service and a barge service for transporting alumimum (this now being recognized as an ideal model of shortsea shipping in the St. Lawrence / Great Lakes corridor). In this respect, the Port of Sept-Iles and CN received an award of excellence on May 27th from l’Association québécoise du transport et des routes for their development of a ferry-rail service that provides a combination of rail and marine transportation to communities on the North Shore and in Labrador. Globally, the service provided by these ferry-rail initiatives and the Alouette Spirit barge translates into ten fewer trucks on route 138 (the only highway serving the North Shore) every hour, and 25,000 fewer tonnes of GHG emissions every year.


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