October 15, 2010

Marine Terminal Uses Jellyfish Filtration System to Treat Storm Water

Federal Marine Terminals in Thorold, Ontario, a major operator of port cargo facilities in the Great Lakes region, has installed the Jellyfish fine sediment filter system as an integral part of its environmental protection plan.  The system is being used to prevent untreated storm water run-off from entering nearby waters.

FMT’s Thorold location houses a large coke pile that previously threatened the safety of local waterways, including the adjacent Welland canal.  The Jellyfish system’s ability to filter neutrally buoyant particles made it an ideal tool for treating storm water run-off at this site.

Run-off from the site’s coke pile is collected in a single catch basin, and pumped via a low-pressure line to a Jellyfish unit for filtration.  The system’s ability to capture particles sized 4-microns or greater made it a clear choice for this site.

In addition, Jellyfish’s internal pre-treatment process allows for the capture of floatable hydrocarbons, ensuring that any oils on this portion of the site are also kept out of the environment.

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