October 15, 2010

Croisières AML Treats its Waste Water at Sea

Croisières AML, Premier Tech Environmental and the naval architecture firm NAVTECH have implemented a unique and promising waste water treatment system. First of all, a primary treatment process separates liquids from solids, with the latter retained in a reservoir and the former flowing into the treatment system, where large amounts of bacteria nourish themselves on the impurities found in the waste water. The water then flows through a membrane with openings that are 1,500 times finer than the thickness of a single human hair. The end result is filtered water that, although not potable, can serve a variety of other purposes such as supplying toilets or urinals. It is worth noting that the performance of this system far exceeds the latest waste management standards.We take this opportunity to remind you that the day-cruise category is not currently included in the GreenMarine environmental program. Nevertheless, one of GreenMarine’s priorities is to include day-cruises in the “participants” membership category by adapting the environmental program to reflect the environmental realities of this sector.

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