May 18, 2009

Green Marine unveils the shipping industry’s first environmental performance results

Toronto, May 21, 2009As part of the Green Tech conference on green technologies for the shipping industry, Green Marine yesterday unveiled the first global results posted by participants of the Environmental Program of the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes Maritime Industry. The program’s participants comprise 44 marine organizations in Canada and the U.S. which joined the Green Marine initiative more than a year ago, thereby voluntarily agreeing to evaluate their environmental performance with respect to several priority issues. The results of this self-evaluation process clearly demonstrate the industry’s commitment to strengthening its environmental performance by moving beyond regulatory compliance (which most participants have already surpassed) towards excellence and leadership.

“These results are very encouraging,” said Gerry Carter, one of Green Marine’s three Co-Chairs and President of Canada Steamship Lines,” especially in view of the ambitious objectives that the industry established for itself at the very outset of the Green Marine initiative.” Carter went on to add that “the results also create a great deal of possibility for improvement, which fits perfectly with the program’s overall aim of mapping out a challenging and demanding course of action for its participants to follow.”

The First Evaluation Year

Given that this was the environmental program’s first year of implementation, it also provided an important opportunity to evaluate the program’s quality. “Now that the first self-evaluation period is over,” said Terry Johnson, another Green Marine Co-Chair and President of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation,” we can report with satisfaction that participants found the vast majority of the program’s criteria to be relevant and easy to understand.” For Mr. Johnston, this first year also enabled Green Marine to implement an external audit process within certain companies, with a view to extending this process to all participants as of the second year. “Such a process will play a key role in making the Green Marine program even more credible and rigorous.”

A Path of Continuous Improvement

For Laurence Pathy, Green Marine’s third Co-Chair and President of Fednav, “the results obtained from the self-evaluation process represent an excellent starting point for Green Marine, as they will be used to measure the maritime industry’s progress over the coming years with respect to its environmental performance.”



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